The WEBBER Intelligent Construction ™ process utilises the  Construction Calibre model to provide both Construction sequencing and programming (4D) services through an integrated approach.  BIM quantity data is coupled with production rates to calculate durations for each location within the project using a Location Based Management System (LBMS) methodology.
The LBMS methodology maximises the opportunity for on-site work crews to deliver optimal productivity by providing zones for conflict free production. The Construction program can function as an early warning system. By tracking completed locations, the total quantity of work-in-place can be easily calculated. Weekly reporting of total manpower on-site makes it possible to calculate actual productivity and actual production rates. These rates can be used to forecast and identify problems much earlier than in other project management systems. Output from the 4D program can provide reports including gantt charts, resource balance histograms, cashflow and production control in addition to animations that accurately represent the construction sequencing. Animation of the construction sequence uses calculated durations derived from quantities within the  Construction Calibre model in a location sequence to demonstrate how the building will come together and identify constructability issues prior to construction commencing. 
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