The essence of WEBBER’s Intelligent Construction ™ process is to combine major project construction experience with innovative software tools to create a robust 3D Construction Calibre model. This ‘single source of truth’ can be thoroughly scrutinised to provide comprehensive, reliable and consistent construction intelligence ensuring a successful and predictable outcome for our Clients.



Intelligent Construction™

Challenging market conditions demands Constructors deliver projects with greater efficiency of resources and minimal waste leading to more certainty of financial outcome. WEBBER can provide Constructors with the ability of achieving a competitive advantage by harnessing the power of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and providing a reliable basis for informed decisions throughout the building lifecycle.
The WEBBER Intelligent Construction™ process leads the industry in providing the fully realised power of... More

Construction Documentation

WEBBER has gained a reputation for exceeding Client expectations by consistently delivering an exceptional standard of co-ordinated documentation and associated services. WEBBER’s unique Intelligent Construction ™ approach has been rewarded with the opportunity to work on some of Australia’s most iconic construction developments.
WEBBER understands the vital role comprehensive and precise documentation plays in ensuring an efficient construction process. The Construction Calibre models are created as the ‘... More


WEBBER recognises how critical the Coordination process is in eliminating conflict between the major building system elements prior to construction being undertaken. Clients have continually experienced success in project outcomes through the extensive experience and discipline WEBBER has delivered throughout this process.
Coordination of the BIM models from the Consultant team into a federated 3D model is an important part of the WEBBER Intelligent Construction™ process and involves continual validation of... More


WEBBER has adopted an ‘Open BIM’ methodology within the Intelligent Construction ™ process to provide shared BIM data in formats that can interoperate with all major BIM platforms utilising international compliant standards.
A key characteristic of this approach is more open collaboration workflows where complex project structures can be fully interrogated, enhancing the value of data to create high-level construction intelligence. WEBBER uses IFC (ISO 16739:2013) which is the only international standard... More

Cost Estimating

WEBBER delivers certainty of project cost outcome through the Intelligent Construction™ process by embedding specific cost data into the Construction Calibre  model to derive a more detailed cost analysis as the complexity of the model evolves.
A model-based estimate (Cost Plan) can be produced from the information contained within the Construction Calibre model. Every element  in the  model is connected to a cost assembly that stores all the information necessary to carry out cost estimation and scheduling.... More

Construction Sequencing

The WEBBER Intelligent Construction ™ process utilises the  Construction Calibre model to provide both Construction sequencing and programming (4D) services through an integrated approach.  BIM quantity data is coupled with production rates to calculate durations for each location within the project using a Location Based Management System (LBMS) methodology.
The LBMS methodology maximises the opportunity for on-site work crews to deliver optimal productivity by providing zones for conflict free production.... More

On-site Documentation Delivery

The WEBBER Intelligent Construction ™ process includes delivery of all the Architectural, Consultant and Sub-contractor documentation to mobile devices. These documentation sets are a constantly updated single source of construction intelligence, which is easy to use and manipulate to provide clarification of construction documentation and can significantly improve efficiency on-site.
Construction documentation can contain hundreds of sheets or paper, be difficult to amend during the construction phase and... More

Quality Assurance

The heart of the WEBBER Intelligent Construction ™ process is to develop an authoritative building model which serves to share knowledge about a building project to assist informed decision making throughout the building life-cycle. A basic premise of the model is collaboration by different stakeholders at different phases of the life cycle of a facility to insert, extract, update or modify information in the modelling process to support and reflect the roles of that stakeholder. As BIM Manager WEBBER ensures the authoritative model... More
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