WEBBER delivers certainty of project cost outcome through the Intelligent Construction™ process by embedding specific cost data into the Construction Calibre  model to derive a more detailed cost analysis as the complexity of the model evolves.
A model-based estimate (Cost Plan) can be produced from the information contained within the Construction Calibre model. Every element  in the  model is connected to a cost assembly that stores all the information necessary to carry out cost estimation and scheduling. In the early phases of model development when exact rates are not yet confirmed, cost risks are identified and included by assigning variances in the cost estimate. WEBBER can provide cost variance reports which provide a quick overview of the largest variances that may imply a risk to the project. Cost plans are iterative in nature and evolve as more detail is known about the project. As the  model grows in complexity, it contributes highly accurate quantity take offs to assist the cost estimation process. As the design work progresses and more elements are confirmed within the design, there is a decrease in the cost variance risk and subsequently cost estimates are refined.  
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