WEBBER has adopted an ‘Open BIM’ methodology within the Intelligent Construction ™ process to provide shared BIM data in formats that can interoperate with all major BIM platforms utilising international compliant standards.
A key characteristic of this approach is more open collaboration workflows where complex project structures can be fully interrogated, enhancing the value of data to create high-level construction intelligence. WEBBER uses IFC (ISO 16739:2013) which is the only international standard which ensures seamless operability between different BIM platforms. The full benefit of BIM is dependent on shared utilisation and creating added value from the data contained within the federated Construction Calibre model. These benefits are best realised with seamless operability between BIM platforms permitting effective shared utilisation of data. WEBBER believes the best project outcome for the Client is achieved if each of the Consultants is selected on the basis of professional expertise and not on a particular software tool being used. 
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