WEBBER has a dedicated Quality assurance process which strives to improve and stabilise output from our own and associated discipline processes by undertaking appropriate checks on the accuracy of information embedded in the model, to avoid or at least minimize construction issues.
The heart of the WEBBER Intelligent Construction ™ process is to develop an authoritative building model which serves to share knowledge about a building project to assist informed decision making throughout the building life-cycle. A basic premise of the model is collaboration by different stakeholders at different phases of the life cycle of a facility to insert, extract, update or modify information in the modelling process to support and reflect the roles of that stakeholder. As BIM Manager WEBBER ensures the authoritative model delivers the Client project objectives, by creating a BIM Management Plan to outline the roles and responsibilities of all disciplines involved in providing Construction Intelligence inherent in the model. This is achieved by establishing a quality control procedure to ensure that each project team discipline is responsible for performing quality control checks of their design, data set and model properties before submitting their input to the Authoritative model in alignment with the BIM Management Plan. 
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