The WEBBER Intelligent Construction ™ process includes delivery of all the Architectural, Consultant and Sub-contractor documentation to mobile devices. These documentation sets are a constantly updated single source of construction intelligence, which is easy to use and manipulate to provide clarification of construction documentation and can significantly improve efficiency on-site.
Construction documentation can contain hundreds of sheets or paper, be difficult to amend during the construction phase and present a challenge to efficiently read the required information from multiple cross-referenced drawings. These on-site efficiency gains can be achieved through better use of the site management time and effort, because having the full range of drawings readily available on a mobile device allows site management to spend more time ‘up on the slab’ resolving construction issues insitu, instead of time ‘in the hut’ cross-referencing a myriad of construction drawings. WEBBER provides the interactive digital drawing set via a professional BIM project viewer with a unique technology integrating 2D and 3D building project navigation. This technology offers extremely smooth handling and outstanding performance even for projects with complex 3D building models and extensive 2D documentation. 
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